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Metoidioplasty Surgeons

When planning for metoidioplasty surgery, it's very important to research your surgical options carefully and discuss them with the surgeons you are considering. You'll find that each surgeon has their own technique and approach to metoidioplasty, and many offer additional procedures such as tissue expanders and phallus repositioning. Also, If there's a chance that you will opt for a phalloplasty at a later time, be sure to discuss this with your surgeon as well, as your choices with metoidioplasty may impact your options with phalloplasty.

Dr. Loren SchechterDr. Loren Schechter

Dr. Schechter's outstanding surgical skills and extensive experience performing Gender Confirmation Surgeries make him an excellent choice for trans men seeking Metoidioplasty. Dr. Schechter offers both Simple Release and Ring Metoidioplasty procedures in Chicago. Read more »

Dr. Curtis CraneDr. Curtis Crane

Dr. Curtis Crane is the only surgeon in the world who is trained as both a plastic surgeon and urologist and who has also completed fellowships in both reconstructive urology and transgender surgery. He has been performing FTM surgery since 2005, and has worked extensively with Drs. Monstrey and Hoebeke in Belgium, Dr. Miro in Serbia, and with Dr. Preecha in Thailand. Read more »

Map of Metoidioplasty Surgeons

Below is a list of surgeons from around the world who perform metoidioplasty.

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