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Dr. Alan Dulin

Experienced Surgeon for Metoidioplasty in Texas

Dr. Alan Dulin is a board-certified surgeon with many years of experience performing Metoidioplasty Surgery in the Dallas area.

Dr. Dulin performs three different types of Metoidioplasty:

  • Metoidioplasty: Simple Release: $4,500
  • Metoidioplasty w/ Scrotoplasty & Testicular Implants: $10,000
  • Metiodioplasty w/ Vaginectomy, Scrotoplasty & Testicular implants: $16,000

(Exact pricing can only be determined following an in-person consultation.)

"Very professional and welcoming staff. As someone who is trans, I could not be more satisfied with the level of care I received there."

Other masculinizing surgeries available: FTM Top Surgery, Body Contouring.

Consultations: Dr. Dulin offers FREE in-person consultations. Your surgery date can be booked within 1 month of your consultation.

Payment of Fees: Cash, all credit cards, and cashier's check are accepted. Medical financing via CareCredit is also accepted. Dr. Dulin accepts insurance from BCBS, United Healthcare, CIGNA, Aetna and Humana. Dr. Dulin does not accept Medicare.

Surgery Requirements:

  • Minimum of 12 months on Testosterone.
  • Two letters: One from licensed therapist and one from physician who monitors hormones.

Have questions? Ask Dr. Dulin here.