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Dr. Curtis Crane

Metoidioplasty In Austin, Texas

Dr. Curtis Crane is a urologist and plastic surgeon who performs FTM metoidioplasty surgery in Austin, Texas. He is the only surgeon in the world who is trained as both a plastic surgeon and urologist and has completed fellowships in both reconstructive urology and transgender surgery. He has been performing FTM surgery since 2005, and has worked extensively with Drs. Monstrey and Hoebeke in Belgium, Dr. Miro in Serbia, and with Dr. Preecha in Thailand.

Dr. Crane performs metoidioplasty with or without urethral lengthening. He is proficient in five different types of metoidioplasty to best suit the patient’s anatomy. A metoidioplasty without extending the urethra is called a “Simple Release” or “Clitoral Release.” Vaginectomy and scrotoplasty are optional with a simple release. A full metoidioplasty with urethral lengthening, vaginectomy, scrotoplasty (with VY advancement) and placement of testicular prostheses is also available. If a larger scrotum is desired, tissue expanders can be used.

Dr. Crane's metoidioplasty technique has developed through his training with Dr. Miro and Dr. Hoebeke. He takes into consideration the size of the clitoral hood, urethral plate, labia minora and labia majora to provide the best aesthetic results possible.

The total cost of metoidioplasty with Dr. Crane includes anesthesia, facility fees, pathology and surgeon’s fee. Metoidioplasty cost varies by procedure will be determined following a consultation with Dr. Crane. Dr. Crane is available for metoidioplasty consultations by phone or in person in Austin.

Metoidioplasty is an outpatient procedure, with an optional one-night hospital stay (extra fees apply.) Patients should plan to stay in Austin for approximately two weeks following surgery.

Dr. Crane accepts major credit cards (3% fee applies) as well as insurance.

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