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Dr. Kathy Rumer

Full Metoidioplasty in Philadelphia

Dr. Kathy L. Rumer is a board-certified, award-winning plastic and reconstructive surgeon based in the Philadelphia area who is an expert in gender reassignment surgery.

For trans men seeking Metoidioplasty surgery, Dr. Rumer offers two variations:

  • Simple Meta or Simple Release - A good option for trans men who do not require Vaginectomy or Urethroplasty. Scrotoplasty and Testicular Implants are optional.
  • Full Metoidioplasty - Includes Vaginectomy and Urethroplasty, as well as Scrotoplasty and Testicular Implants.

With Dr. Rumer's Metoidioplasty surgeries, the ligament that holds the clitoris in place under the pubic bone is cut, allowing the entire penile structure to be free of surrounding tissues, giving it more exposure and additional length of up to 50%.

Associated procedures such as Hysterectomy and Mons Resection are also offered.

Consultations: Choose an in-person, phone or Skype consultation. The cost is $100 and the fee is applied to your Metoidioplasty.

Wait List: 2-4 months.

Payment: Dr. Rumer accepts cash, credit cards, check, as well as insurance and medical financing from multiple companies. Dr. Rumer is also an approved out-of-state Medicaid provider for New York.

Requirements: Dr. Rumer is a WPATH member and follows WPATH guidelines for surgery.

Have Questions? Contact Dr. Rumer here.

Dr. Kathy Rumer, DO
Rumer Cosmetics

105 Ardmore Ave.
Ardmore, Pennsylvania 19003